The singing, ringing tree game

Pairs and a theatre game all in one

Das singende, klingende BäumchenspielChristel Bodenstein, the beloved princess from the famous DEFA fairy tale film "The singing, ringing tree" has created a game with the charakters of the film.

The first game „Merk dir das gut“ is a memory game with 36 cards. On each card is either the front or back of one of the film’s 18 clay characters, made by Christel Bodenstein. The goal of the game is to match the pairs until all of the characters are fully assembled.

Once the pairs are together, the fairytale can continue with the game, “Spiel mit mir.” The game box turns into a stage with 20 beautifully painted backgrounds on which the characters can play. Kids will not only improve their memory, but expand their imagination!

The game also comes with a DVD of the film, “The Singing, Ringing Tree,” as well as a booklet that retells the enchanting story.

Fun for fairytale fans young and old!

Beginning at the end of May, the game will be available to purchase for 15€, plus shipping and handling.

For each game sold, 1€ goes to the restoration and digitalization of the DEFA fairytale films.

Das singende, klingende BäumchenspielDas singende, klingende Bäumchen-SpielDas singende, klingende BäumchenspielDas singende, klingende Bäumchenspiel