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Orpheus in der Unterwelt

Director: Horst Bonnet, 87 Min., Color, Feature Film
Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR)
DEFA-Studio für Spielfilme, 1973

Film/Video Format
70 mm
Length in m
English Title
Orpheus In The Underworld
Premiere Date
Release Date (for Cinema)
Literary Source
Cremieux, Hector: "Orpheus in der Unterwelt", Operette
DVD: ICESTORM Entertainment GmbH /
Film poster for "Orpheus in der Unterwelt"

Short Summary (English)

Out of town, music professor Orpheus, teaches the violin to attractive girls. Back home in Thebes, his wife, Euridice, exploits this situation to have an affair with a shepherd, who is, indeed, none other than Pluto, god of the underworld, in disguise. Orpheus knows very well what his wife is up to and, once back home, showers her with a barrage of rebukes, tormenting her with his violin playing at length...until she follows Pluto into the underworld. Orpheus is delighted - but only until it is brought home to him that he will lose his pretty pupils unless he can posthaste prevail on the gods for Euridice's return.

On Olympus, excruciating tedium reigns. The gods are bored stiff and weary of Big Daddy Zeus' ladykiller exploits. To make matters worse, Pluto has turned up on a state visit. So the arrival of Orpheus and his friend Jacques provides the gods with some distraction in their dull daily rut. Zeus decides to help Orpheus. The gods set out on a journey into the underworld where Euridice is affiicted with boredom and pestered by the amorous overtures of Styx, Pluto's manservant. Only Zeus, assuming the form of a fiy, manages to free the beauty to Orpheus' horror. But Pluto will not tolerate Zeus' interference and so Euridice remains in the underworld for ever-to the delight of her husband.

Source: Progress Film-Verleih

Film still for "Orpheus in der Unterwelt"

(Dir.: Horst Bonnet, 1973) Photography: Herbert Kroiss

Film still for "Orpheus in der Unterwelt"

(Dir.: Horst Bonnet, 1973) Photography: Herbert Kroiss

Film Crew

  • Horst Bonnet
  • Horst Bonnet
  • Otto Hanisch
Film Editing
  • Thea Richter
  • Wolfgang Greese (Orpheus)
  • Dorit Gäbler (Eurydike)
  • Rolf Hoppe (Jupiter)
  • Lisa Macheiner (Juno)
  • Achim Wichert (Pluto)
  • Fred Düren (Styx)
  • Gisela Bestehorn (Venus)
  • Helga Piur (Diana)
  • Fred Delmare (Merkur)
  • Mona Boxberger (Cupido)
  • Werner Senftleben (Mars)
  • Gerry Wolff (Jacques)
  • Helmut Bez (Einer der Götter)
  • Erich Breese (Einer der Götter)
  • Burkhard Brandt (Einer der Götter)
Assistant Director
  • Sigrid Meyer
Production Design
  • Alfred Hirschmeier
Script Editing
  • Maurycy Janowski
  • Robert Hanell
  • Jacques Offenbach
Musical Performance
  • Chor der Deutschen Staatsoper Berlin
  • DEFA-Sinfonieorchester
  • Egon Morbitzer (Violinsolo)
Costume Design
  • Christiane Dorst
  • Werner Schulz
  • Heinz Bernhardt
  • Ursula Funk
  • Günter Hermstein
  • Inge Merten
Production Management
  • Helmut Klein
DEFA Photography
  • Herbert Kroiss

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