Film still for "Verwirrung der Liebe"


All the films in the DEFA Foundation’s collection are recorded in the database on this website. They include all the relevant filmographic details; in most cases, extensive summaries, available supplementary material and will be routinely updated.

DEFA Foundation’s film stock

  • DEFA productions

    • Productions from the DEFA Feature Film Studio: 700 feature films and 450 fictional shorts
    • Productions from the DEFA Animation Film Studio: 950 animated films
    • Productions from the DEFA Documentary Film Studio: 2,000 documentaries and 2,500 periodicals (newsreels, etc.), including documentaries produced on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MfAA)
    • Productions from the DEFA Synchronization Studio: 6,700 German-language synchronizations of foreign films

  • Aquired Video Archives

    • Productions from the Thomas Grimm Contemporary Witness Archive
    • Productions from Cintec, GmbH
    • Films from the archives of the Wydok Association, e.V.
    • Productions from Blickpunkt Archive

  • Eyewitness Interviews with DEFA artists

For a few films that were produced in the DEFA Studios, every trace has been lost. For now, they are considered  lost films. There are no materials available for these films in the archives.

The films are utilized by ICESTORM  (DVD, TV and online), PROGRESS  (clipping service) and the Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek  (cinema distribution). The DEFA Film Library  is the only DEFA research center outside of Germany and the point of contact for researchers from all over the world. The DEFA Film Library acquired the exclusive cinema exploitation rights of the DEFA film stock in the United States and Canada. It also offers non-exclusive screenings of DEFA films to Goethe-Institutes. DFL also produces and distributes films on DVD with English subtitles for the North American market.


A Short Biography of DEFA: Outer Space and the Everyday by Betina Kuntzsch

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