Film still for "Verwirrung der Liebe"


All films belonging to the DEFA Foundation's film stock are recorded in a database on this website. The entries for the individual film titles contain synopses as well as relevant filmographic information. Additions are made regularly.

Film still for "Solo Sunny"
Film still for "Auf der Oder"

More than four decades of film history

DEFA productions

Hundreds of feature films, documentaries and animated films as well as dubbings were produced in the DEFA studios.

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Additional perspectives

Acquired video archives

The DEFA Foundation's film holdings are supplemented by productions from several archives, whose audiovisual testimonies provide further insights into the GDR and the Wende period.

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Film still for "Zeitzeugengespräch: Dagmar Manzel"

In conversation

Artist Interviews

Since the establishment of the DEFA Foundation, interviews with DEFA filmmakers have been produced on a regular basis. So far, more than 100 interviews have been produced, capturing memories of DEFA's history in sound and vision.

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Film still for "Märkische Forschungen"

In search of

Lost films

As things stand, not all DEFA films have survived. At this point, the DEFA Foundation draws attention to the lost films. At the same time, it hopes to obtain information about preserved film material.

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