Film still for "Lotte in Weimar"

The Long Shadows that Followed

Texts of Unrealized DEFA Films, 1965-66

German Title: Die langen Schatten danach. Texte nichtrealisierter Filme der DEFA 1965/66

Günter Agde
145 Pages
Price: 5,00 Euro

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In the context of the 11th SED‐ZK‐Plenums in 1965 and in the following years the production of DEFA-films was unwinded. Along the way many literary work of projects had been come up (e.g. collecting topics, scenarios and treatments). But many of these projects were never realised.

Günter Agde describes the literary work and presents three manuscripts: „Besuch von drüben“ by Klaus Poche, „Deutschland unter Brüdern“ by Jurek Becker and „Vietnam oder Die Kunst zu heiraten“ by Helga Schütz and Egon Günther.

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